Birthday Box Contributor Spotlight: Jacki of Big Tim's Fancy (AF) Lollipops

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Jacki makes gourmet lollipops in Orlando, Florida. If you're lucky, you might find a lollipop from her in the upcoming Birthday Beauty Box! She creates amazing candy flavors like Bacon Bourbon Caramel, Vanilla Saffron, and Toasted Coconut (my personal favorite!) We asked her some questions about her thoughts on life, bath products, feminism, and nerd culture:

In your own words, how would you describe yourself and your work?
I love learning.  I love food.  I love candy.  I love science.  Making lollipops for Big Tim’s Fancy (AF) Lollipops provides me an opportunity to work with all of these on a consist basis.  

Big Tim Murphy has been called a fixture and a legend of the Orlando Comedy scene.  As a part of the show, he would announce to the audience that he had lollipops that he was selling out of the back of his van.  He was buying the lollipops in bulk, but wasn’t happy with the profit margin or the lack of personal branding.  During a discussion one evening, I described how much I love cooking and experimenting, and I told him I could probably figure out how to make lollipops for him. 

After setting up a Lollipop Lab and a few experiments, we can now create flavors that are not available anywhere else.  We’ve provided lollipops that have been used as Christmas Cards, giveaways at a party full of powerful women in business, and wedding treats.

Why are you a feminist and what does that mean to you?
Feminism is imaginary boundaries.  If I can’t do something because of ability, that’s a an actual obstacle I can choose to accept or overcome.  But I refuse to accept an invisible obstacle based on something I can’t change.

Two women in my life have caused me to be a feminist.  One has shown me the path that I would like to take and the other has given me hope for the future.

Debi, the mother of my significant other, was an incredible example to her children.  She followed a path of stern and steady.  She was accepting of everyone based on who they were and not by identifying traits.  

The other is my daughter.  She has grown into a young woman with a strong character.  I want her to live in a world where her limitations are set by her attitude and aptitude. 

What’s your favorite form of self-care?
Normally, the easy answer would be “bubble bath”.   But, I have recently discovered the awesomeness of masks, both hair and face. 

What’s your favorite fandom/geek interest, and do you have a favorite character?

Bob’s Burgers.   I love Tina so hard.  Tina is me and I am Tina.

Mad Men.  Peggy.  The story of her growth was amazing.

Harry Potter.  Love, love, love Luna.  And Love the Longbottoms.

What’s your favorite Ms. Andry product? What does it do for you?
Ada Loveface- Since using this only once a week, my skin has never been clearer!

Michele Obalma ... toasted marshmallow - There is a milkshake at a place in Atlanta called Flip Burger. They have a nutella and burnt marshmallow milkshake. When you get the shake to go, it comes in a cup with a dome. I always spend a good 30 minutes just inhaling the dome-scent before even tasting the shake. It is awesome that I can make my whole body smell this way.

AND THE PRIDE SCRUB - My friend Ellen has this trick of buying a special perfume for each trip she takes. That way if she ever wants to remember how she felt during that trip, she just wears that trip’s perfume that day and viola! She’s back! I saved Ms. Andry’s Pride Scrub for a trip my fella and I were taking to Key West, just a few weeks after the Pulse tragedy. It left my skin polished, soft and delicious-smelling. Whenever I used the scrub after that trip, I was reminded of the tremendous amount of Orlando love and support that was pouring out of the people and businesses of the Keys.

Linda’s Lather is a staple of the household.  - This soap is a perfect balance of a fun, clean scent, and leaves the skin feeling soft and clean without feeling oily or dry. 


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