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I get asked all the time how I've managed to make a perfect lavender for everyone. Not too terribly floral, not too overpowering, perfectly balanced. It happens to be my favorite lavender in the world and the good news is if you're obsessed with one of my lavender scented products, you'll find it in several other products! If you're doing some gift shopping for yourself or a lucky friend or family member, I'm hoping this post (and more to come soon!) will help you decide. USA deadline for delivery before Dec. 25th is going to be orders placed by December 15th

Amelia HairhartAmelia Hairhart Lavender Leave In Conditioner - a super lightweight oil-free hair treatment that tames flyaways, detangles, and gently conditions without weighing down hair. This is my go-to for my super fine hair, and also works great for folks with frizz and curls!




Marie PurieMarie Purie in Lavender & Fine Pumice - A super scrubby exfoliating shower gel. Soft and gentle lavender is mixed with a super fine ground pumice scrub. Perfect for feet and elbows and knees and any rough skin spots you've got.

Marie Purie also comes in Charcoal Mint and Lemon Poppyseed.


FleurFleur Wonder Witch Perfume comes in a glass rollerball and matches the lavender scent of the other products here. It's light and gentle- no alcohol in the formula. Thanks to the easy rollerball container you can carry it with you and apply it to pulse points if you, like me, need a hint of calming scent throughout the day.



Luca's Super Sleepy LotionLuca's Super Sleepy Lotion is a gentle baby lotion that I created for my son. It's part of our daily routine before bed and it's perfectly suited to his sensitive baby skin. Plus, then he smells absolutely delicious as I'm cuddling him before he falls asleep.



Slippery SirenSlippery Siren Shower Smoothie - Lavender is one of my favorite new products! It's a full body shower conditioner- you can use it in hair, and on skin from head to toe for an extra burst of moisturizing power. Especially in the winter, I love taking a super hot shower to warm up but that often dries out my skin and leaves me feeling not so great. So I apply some Slippery Siren, rinse off the excess, and pat the rest into my skin when I'm done! Just like we condition hair to keep it feeling soft and smooth after cleansing, Slippery Siren does the same for the rest of you.

Lavender Musk

Don't Want No Scrubs - Lavender Musk is an exfoliating body scrub. It's packed with sugar for a good, deep scrub, and the entire range of Don't Want No Scrubs are a fan favorite.



Pensieve Memory MistPensieve Memory Mist might just be the most favorite product of Ms. Andry fans ever. It's named for the pensieve in Harry Potter which is described as a swirling silvery liquid (full of memories from the owner). Pensieve is a linen and body spray - it can be used for either! It happens to be my personal favorite for spritzing my sheets before sleep. When the bottle is settled, the liquid is clear. Give it a good shake, however, and it turns into a swirling silver galaxy. It's quite similar to an anxiety glitter jar! See an Instagram video of it in action.

All of these products have the same delicious lavender scent! If you've tried one of them and gotten hooked, you should add one of the others here to your collection. More products with this amazing lavender scent will be arriving in 2017!


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