Birthday Box Contributor Spotlight: Jesa of OKAC greeting cards

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Jesa crafts handmade greeting cards, and if you're lucky, you might find a gift tag from her in the upcoming Birthday Beauty Box! She has cards featuring fun creatures from bunnies to dogs to adorable party monsters, and for all kinds of occasions. We asked her some questions about her thoughts on life, bath products, feminism, and nerd culture

In your own words, how would you describe yourself and your work?

Overall I think I'm a pretty darn decent human being. I try to keep my mind open and learning, knowing that I'll never know or understand everything. I am a good friend, daughter, and bunny momma. My rabbits are my whole heart - I have 2 pairs, Ezmo (11.5) and Seabee (10.5), Quigley (7) and Foo (8). Ezmo is my baby and who completely changed my life.

I've always enjoyed crafts, but get bored/distracted easily. Paper crafting has always been 'comfortable' to me, I can make things I'm proud of and feel like I know what I'm doing. So after making random cards and having too many to send to people, I decided to try selling them. It's nice to look back and see that my work has improved! I work full time, so this has always been a 'hobby business' to me. If I *had* to make cards I think I would stop enjoying the process.

Why are you a feminist and what does that mean to you?

I'm a feminist because everyone should be... it means to me that people matter and should be treated as though they are human no matter what body parts they do or don't have...

What’s your favorite form of self-care?

I was raised by a pretty amazing woman. When I was little she would always ask me "How does that make you feel?" Dude, it was SO ANNOYING. But it taught me that my feelings matter - I have no shame to ask questions if I don't understand something.
I also know that I'm the most important person in my life, I want everyone to feel that. Because if I/you don't exist, nothing would matter. Taking care of yourself is SO important. I make sure when I'm having a hard time that I express my feelings so that I don't end up breaking down later.


What’s your favorite fandom/geek interest, and do you have a favorite character?

I'm not a very nerdy or geeky person. Most of my friends are and we always laugh about how I don't understand all the stuff they are into but we all love each other anyway. I do collect rabbit salt and pepper shakers! I have over 50 sets

What’s your favorite Ms. Andry product? What does it do for you?

Michelle Obalma! Specifically the Spiced Blackberry Tea. I clean houses for a living and this has been amazing for my poor hands. I like to put it on when I go to bed cause then it stays on for a long time without being disturbed - has helped so much!


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