Ms. Andry’s Monster Month

2018 Prompt List

a self care photo challenge for the month of October

#monsterselfcare #msandry

We’re reclaiming self care for the month of October.

It’s been adopted by thin rich white women and mutated into another competitive way to out-spend our social circle and set unattainable standards of perfection.

We who need self care the most are:

  • struggling to fight for our autonomy and freedom from violence
  • searching to find love for ourselves in a world governed by people who hate us
  • trying to care for our exhausted, tired, sick bodies and minds without enough resources
  • surrounded by messages that we are not enough- not thin enough, or white enough, or straight enough, or pretty enough, or feminine and gentle and accommodating and quiet and forgiving and sexy-but-not-slutty and delicate and ladylike and, and, and, and…. the list never ends

We are in desperate need of caring for ourselves. We are in desperate need of community, and encouragement, and safety.

For the month of October, please join me in self care that is MONSTROUS.
Be ugly, be loud, be full of rage and anger and scream it at the top of your lungs: we will hear you.
Be tired, be weak, be barely hanging on: we will hold you.

To encourage community building, tag your photos with #monsterselfcare on Facebook & Instagram. If your photos are public, you can use the tag to find other ms. andrists to connect with and follow.

If you’re okay with me sharing your photos, tag me @MsAndrysBathHouse on IG, or #msandry. You can also send them to the facebook page.


  • Share the prompt image above to your account to tell people that you’re participating
  • Challenge yourself to do one nice thing each day of October. Not a big thing. Not a fancy thing. Not an expensive thing. Just a nice thing that’s only for you.
  • Take a photo of your self care. You can use the theme of the day on the prompts if you want!
    • It doesn’t have to be you in the photo, and it doesn’t have to be a Ms. Andry product. Sometimes self care means taking your meds and drinking some water and going back to bed. Use the time to share your thoughts on your current feelings, difficulties, stresses.
    • If it is a selfie, don’t force a smile or a pose. Just exist in your natural state. It is not your job to perform pretty or look happy.
  • Post It. Anywhere!
  • Hashtag it with #monsterselfcare on social media to find other friends and follow one another. Your post will have to be set to public for other people to find it.
    • Add a #msandry tag or tag my account if you want it to be shared!
    • Tag your own friends and get them to join in!
  • Each week I’ll choose one participant to get a little self care treat in the mail.

A few inspiration photos are below, taken from my instagram photos and a few from friends that tagged me in the past. See? It can be you, your cat, anything!