Ms.AndryMs. Andry
a.k.a. Alex is the Head Alchemist of Ms. Andry's Bath House. She started the company in November 2015 on a wing and a prayer and a handful of ridiculous puns. She runs the company from home in Charlotte, NC with her partner, Mr. Andry, and their kid, Baby Andry. Alex's main focus is on building a beauty company that is centered around body positivity and intersectional feminism. The goal is to build confidence and self-love instead of fixing flaws.


Mr.Andry & Baby AndrySean & Luca
are Mr. Andry and Baby Andry, respectively, and they are the Logistics & Shipment Management Team. They work tirelessly at Ms. Andry HQ to make sure your orders go out with love and care, maintaining inventory, tech work for the website, and rigorous BQC (Baby Quality Control.)




Kayla is the Marketing Manager here at Ms. Andry. She also works at the Dr. Philips Center for the Performing Arts, as well as finishing her degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. She is super passionate about The Arts, outer space, dance, chicken nuggets, and ruling the world.




SarahSarah is our Social Media Manager, as well as a feminist writer and historian. She has a slight obsession with Facebook, cats, geekdom, and trash pandas. Her favorite Ms. Andry product is Michelle Obalma in Coconut Vanilla.



RachelRachel is an Assistant Alchemist here at Ms. Andry's Bath House. She works in every aspect of the operation, from extremely precise labeling and sealing, to copy editing, product testing, social media, shipping, and logistics. She's also a journalist, teacher, community activist, mother, and all-around total badass.


JaneJane is an Assistant Alchemist who works with shipping and logistics, product testing, photography, geekery consulting, social media, and everything except pouring. She's also a pro in customer service and management, and she happens to be the fastest box folder in the whole dang world.


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